Editorial and fine art photographer Hanneri de Wet is a visual
storyteller with a dramatic yet colorful style.
Hanneri cultivated her skills and became well-known as a magazine
photographer. Eleven years of media work underscores her ability to
work with a wide spectrum of subjects.

She is passionate about people;  their challenges and triumphs. Her
ability to connect with her subjects and to make them feel comfortable in
front of the lens is a notable asset to her work. On top of this she has the
ability to work with each individual at their own pace.
Besides doing media work, Hanneri is the owner of The Portrait Studio in
Pretoria where she focuses on contemporary fine art portraiture.
In 2019 she will be exhibiting “At heavens gate”, a project on which she
collaborated with DUSA (Drug Users South Africa). “At heaven’s gate”
consists of 26 beautiful portraits featuring people in different stages of
rehabilitation. The aim of this series of striking pictures is to restore value to
people fighting drug abuse.
Hanneri will also be releasing #IAMCOLOR in 2019, a creative project
celebrating diversity.
Hanneri’s work speaks of hope and her heart’s desire is that it will also
inspire and rekindle hope in others.


You can contact Hanneri at:



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