January Family love

If the sun could shine from the face of a person. Then this would be that person…

I would see Marine with her daughters from time to time. There is a life, a joy and a freedom in the way she floats around them. Taking in every moment, and containing them in her heart. She is a mother who knows and carries the everlasting privilege of motherhood.

As I photographer I just had to try and capture this. I was the one who approached her with the idea of a shoot. But a different type of shoot. A photoshoot where we could bring to life the elements of their personalities. I asked her about her little girls. And from our discusion came a picture of everything nice!!! We had a fun time working on a theme. Something simple and true, and very, very girly.
Because we are all little girls at heart!

And so with a skip and a jump, and with flowers in our hair.
We could capture the careless freedom of little gilrs. And a mother cherishing little moments.

The beautiful styling was done by a seed to sow




1 response to January Family love

  1. Gill Gouws says:

    Absolutely stunning. …. beautiful photos and beautiful people!!

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