Voorblad The color green….

I’ve awaken again during the night for the rain thats drip-drip-dripping outside.  The Gauteng weather comes quickly, spills over our earth, and moves on again.
Ever since living in this part of South-Africa, I’ve come to love this time of the year.  After traveling for a week my return home was an explosion of  the color green, with a dark and heavy sky. Heavy from the promise of rain, and also heavy from so many other promises.
In 5 days, everything has changed. The landscape  has turned into a tropical paradise. I find myself amazed with how,  in a blink of an eye….everything is new.

I find God speaking to me in these times. Like the visual change into lush landscape, also shows whats happening spiritually.
All around me I can see how the fresh green is starting to bud in the people I love, and  how its taking new form in our lives.  And I’m reminded to what CS Lewis said.
“Day to day nothing changes, but looking back nothing stays the same”

How appropriate then the November Issue of Leef. God always knows before we do.  Green would be an overwhelming color this season.
This Leef once again, is just so special.
Green is for hope
leef-met-geloof  kuier-by

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