September 13 Leef

copyright Lef-magazine (Leef tydskrif). Photographer Hanneri de Wet The September 13 issue marks the 3rd year of my full time journey with Leef.  An explosion of beauty and color that describes best my heart toward this stunning magazine. September is always a special month to me, representing new life, new seasons and new possibilities.

I’m very grateful for every day spent as part of the Leef-team, where photographs mean more then images and tells powerfull stories.  Leef is a way of life following the beauty of God is His creation, and what He is still creating in us every day.  I know that new seasons scare many people, but I also know that with God new is always good in its own way.  Even with new challenges God gives new strength.

Even though the first day of September has come and gone and I’m still waiting for that fresh spring smell. Still warmly dressed with a scarf and a jacket…

Sometimes we also have to wait on God, longer then we thought we would . Just like this year’s Spring. But even though its still cold outside, I know spring is just around the corner.

May we all have great expectations of new seasons in our life, hoping God does the best with us in every one of them.

Enjoy the stunning new LEEF. Its absolutely wonderful.


plakboeknuutsm leonsm kunssm geloof adressm




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