August 12 Issue of Leef

The August issue of Leef with Beautiful Karlien van Jaarsveld, hit the shelves this Monday.

Karlien looks stunning in blue, friendly and caring. Showing much of her warm personality. Leana Cluines-Ross photographed the cover.
I was privileged to shoot the images for Karlien’s article. I always love working with Karlien, and  was so happy to hear how well she did at this Year’s Tembo awards. Congrats Karlien!
If you haven’t yet bought the August Issue of Leef. Do it NOW! Its my favorite issues so far…
Being our Proudly South African Issue, I packet my little suitcase (and massive gear) and traveled through half the Karoo.  The quietness creeps deeply into you after you leave very busy Gauteng.
Every time I get to go the the Karoo I bring back a little bit of myself.  Some of me is wandering out there in the stillness, and going to the Karoo introduces us again.

Its impossible to capture with a lens the wonder of the vast Landscapes, and the friendliest people.
But I tried my best, and hopefully my pictures will help you experience some of it.

Love this Issue, love this country and its people.

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