a Family of Faith

The Story of the de Vries family is another inspiring story that I was fortunate to shoot for the July’12 Issue of Leef.  We were warmly welcomed into the loving home of Marius and El-Marie, were El-Marie was ready with a warm plate of food for each part of the Photo-team.

This explained so much about the friendly couple, a couple who learned early in life that God will provide for them. Standing on His promise they easily give to other people more then they can afford. Because they understand that what they need, will come from God. We listened in wonder to the amazing journey they’re life has been so far, were weird and wonderful things have happened,  and is still happening.

They’re little leather shop in Potchefstroom  is known by locals as “the shop where people pray”.

But without giving away to much of this story- Please read the full story in the July Issue of Leef.

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