Leef Fashion with Marlice van Vuuren

How I Love Leef’s Fashion! It’s inspiring to meet these real working woman, who are willing to share they’re time, and they’re personal style.

We did another wonderful ‘real-woman’ fashion for Leef,  with beautiful Marlice van Vuuren, the animal whisperer.
Famous for her 3 legged cheetah named Lucky,  South Africans first met Lucky  in a Volksvagen tv ad in May 2009.

Marlice is inspiring in every way. Together with her husband Rudie, she works to preserve Wildlife and the Namibia’s  San Community. Theyre animal sanctuary ‘ Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary’ is near Windhoek in Namibie.  ‘Naankuse’ is San for “God will protect us,” or “God watches over us.”
To see more of her wonderful work please visit online at

I also have to thank Mabalingwe Lodge.

They were very gracious in letting us shoot fashion in their reserve,  and treated us like VIP’s. Its a wonderful lodge only 28km from Bela Bela. Making it very accessible for a weekend getaway. The staff is professional, kind & helpful.  And the Reserve is breathtaking, I would recommend Mabalingwe  to anybody desiring a getaway.

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