Portrait fashion (Leef)_ Misi Overturf

Ok, I’m not a writer! (I’m a photographer remember) But I have to try to say something about this Photograph of Misi.  As previously mentioned. Leef has a fantastic fashion project, where we mix our portrait Photography with fashion. The goal is to capture fashion with real working woman, and their unique styles.  Lets face it, the everyday working woman can, and should feel just as feminine and fabulous as the professional model.

But January 2012 was just way to easy.  We dit this fabulous nautical shoot with Misi Overturf. A Capetown-based stylist, who does great work freelancing for magazines.

She is so beautiful, and was very comfortable with the camera.  As the team was building the fashion story, when everything just got together with this one shot. The model, the colours, the lighting, the Clothing… Just clicked! One moment and there was a very simple and strong Photograph. Team Leef, Juane Pieterse and Misi… Respect!!

3 responses to Portrait fashion (Leef)_ Misi Overturf

  1. Elsa says:

    Jy is BEAUTIFUL Misi maatjie! wow! jou binne en jou buite is net gorgeous! lief jou tonne

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